About CDP

Putting Your Business Ahead of the Game

CDP Gaming Technologies is South Africa's leading gaming software solutions provider offering complete out-of-the-box sports betting solutions to local and international Bookmakers.

Started in 2013, CDP Gaming Technologies is a new entrant to the online betting and gaming solutions market in South Africa but not without a wealth of experience and expertise. Our products and services originate from a 100-strong international development team, and is run by South African managers with over 25 years of combined experience. This allows us to provide you with the best internationally-based technology that meets your unique, local requirements.

With an innovative and simple approach to operator customisation and usability, our turn-key products and services allow us to provide bookmakers with key business benefits, including optimised operations, economical and cost effective management, and maximised profits. We believe in providing you a with a unique, tailored solution that suits your individual organisation, regardless of the size.

CDP is unique in providing services through cloud-based technology; a unique South African offering. This gives you the convenience of reduced spend on technology with more effective results, globalised access to your system through as little as a standard ADSL connection or 3G internet access (ideal for remote locations), streamlined processes, improved accessibility, better management over betting activities and information, more efficient and easier usability and training, improved flexibility and minimised chances of down-time.